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Change Authentication Type from OAuth 2.0 to Basic or None using Extensions

Question asked by valentin.maksimov242581 on Oct 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2018 by t_shaw725175

I have a process with a HTTP Connection with an OAuth 2.0 authentication type, which is used to connect to some external system. I want to deploy my process to other environment, where it would connect to mocking process in Dell Boomi, for which I have created and API.


How can I change authentication type in HTTP Connection, using Environment Extensions? I don't need OAuth 2.0 to connect to my created API in Dell Boomi. I want to use Basic or None authentication type to do it.

I've tried to check Use Basic Authentication checkbox in Extensions, but it doesn't work and I get 401 error code when running my process. It looks like it still tries to use OAuth 2.0 authentication type, despite this checkbox is checked.


If what I'm trying to do is not a correct approach, then how can I connect to Dell Boomi API, using OAuth 2.0 authentication type?