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single row to multiple rows

Question asked by mani.sethuraman333464 on Oct 23, 2017
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I have a flat file with some master columns and some value pairs. Total number of Value pairs is 30. But not all the 30 needs to be filled. Example is


MC1, MC2, C1, V1, C2, V2, C3, V3..... C30, V30


I want to split to 

MC1, MC2, C1, V1

MC1, MC2, C2, V2


MC1, MC2, C30, V30


If there is only only pair is available then the result would be 1 row. If two pairs are available the result would be two rows etc..


Please let me know if you have come across this scenario and would love to know how you solved this.


Thanks for reading and will appreciate any clues.