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Exception processing logging issues

Question asked by gasweet283435 on Oct 24, 2017

I am using a process route to process documents to my trading partners (XML to EDI). If I receive an unknown identifier I create an exception. I have it set to only stop the bad document and process the remaining documents but the process reporting screen is showing different results and yet the outcomes are all the same.


If I run three good documents through I get this:


If my first three documents are good and then one is bad I see this:

Then if I start with one bad document and then three good documents I get this:


All three processes produced the same results. All of the good documents produced the EDI correctly and are waiting to be acknowledged.  I think I should get the error message but all three should look like the first picture. I should have an X12 box if X12 was created and sent. I should also see the disk box for my outputs.