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Combining objects into one profile?

Question asked by cathryn.crane207763 on Oct 25, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2017 by cathryn.crane207763

Hi Everyone


I need to grab a value in the Opportunity object of Salesforce and lookup a value (if it exists) in the Salesforce Account object by joining the Opportunity AccountID to the Account.Id. I need to 1) see if there is a value in a custom field in the Account object and if so grab it or 2) do something else.


Is there just a way to combine both the Opportunity and Account by a join like you can in a SQL query instead of having to create multiple objects in Boomi?    Right now, I'm grabbing records in in Salesforce with a connector, then using a decision object to determine what to do with each record depending on the customer type, then that's where I'm stuck.  I'm sure this is a really common process...looking up a value in another table and pulling a subsequent value from that table?