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Trading Partner connector with AS2 getting intermittent errors

Question asked by gouthamr388096 on Oct 26, 2017

Hi Guys

I have run into an issue with a process that has Trading Partner as start shape. This is using AS2 protocol. The issue is that when my partner sends me a 945 I get it successfully, but sometimes I get an error "EDI not processed. Sending Partner does not match.  Sender ISA Qualifier: ZZ, ISA ID: XXTEST, Application Code: 6233971660T. Receiving Partner does not match.  Receiver ISA Qualifier: 12, ISA ID: 6233971660T, Application Code: XXTEST"


I do not understand why I am to receive the file successfully sometimes and sometimes it fails with the above error. My partner is sending the files exactly the same way each time. The only thing that changes is interchange number and date and time.


Here is the envelope information when the file failed

ISA*00*          *00*          *12*6233971660T    *ZZ*XXTEST        *171025*1256*U*00401*000000007*0*T*;~ GS*SW*6233971660T*XXTEST*20171025*125600*4*X*004010~

Here is the envelope information when the file successfully came thru
ISA*00*          *00*          *12*6233971660T    *ZZ*XXTEST        *171025*1011*U*00401*000000005*0*T*;~ GS*SW*6233971660T*XXTEST*20171025*101100*3*X*004010~