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How can I force a Data-Passthrough SubProcess into Process Reporting?

Question asked by on Oct 27, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2017 by trey.yeager826393

I already know that data-passthrough subprocesses are reported under the parent process's logs.  However, I manage quite a few subprocesses, many of which have multiple parents (as we have a "common" folder available to larger processes).


What if I want to report on my beloved error-handler subprocess?

Or my init or finalize subprocess? 


All are passthroughs, but what I'd like to see, honestly, is the ability to report on all processes as if they'd run independently, and see the whole beluga at one time.  It is really irritating and restrictive that within process reporting, I cannot report on my pass-through subs on their own. Can that not be a feature of the Connector Start Shape?   


Feature Request:   When selecting Data-Passthrough, have the following section:

Start Shape Reporting Options: 

(checkbox1)Report in parent process logs (current functionality)

(checkbox2) Report as sub-process call with starting documents (new feature)


This would give us so much more flexibility in our reporting.  It could make parent process logs so much shorter if we don't care about certain subs like init and finalize.  Or, we could make them show in the process log.  Or we could break them out as their own subprocess entry, but with starting documents.