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I have a process with FTP start shape. I need to pick up multiple files

Question asked by gouthamr388096 on Oct 31, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2017 by leif_jacobsen

I have a process with FTP start shape. In the FTP directly there could be 2,4,6,8.. (so on) files. If there are 2 files one file will be "Accepted<date>.xml". This file will have a field called "cust order" and some other fields. The other file is actual order file "order<date>.xml". This order file will also have a field that has same value as the field "cust order" from Accepted xml. If there are 4 files in FTP directly, then 2 files will be Accepted xml and the other 2 will be Order xml files. Based on 'Cust order' field I will have to figure out which accepted xml file is related to which order file.

Now the question I have is if there are 4 or 6 files on FTP how can I take all accepted files and combine them and take order files and combine them and do further processing?