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String adding BackSlahes to Json profile

Question asked by c-nagamani_kummari715285 on Oct 30, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2017 by leif_jacobsen

In my requirement I will getting a data from Database but one of the field getting as below string .I need to pass same to the other system in json Response .

When passing into json output adding extra backslashes.

Original string: [{"test1":{"date":"2013-03-09","todate":"2017-01-01","dfg":"TX-1","yty":"4223"},

Output string : [{\"test1\":{\"date\":\"2013-03-09\",\"todate\":\"2017-01-01\",\"dfg\":\"TX-1\",\"yty\":\"4223\"},

I tried doing serach/Replae and also string Replace But no luck.
Can anyone suggest me the approach How i can handle.