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How to fetch the required national id, if we have more than 2 elements??

Question asked by indrasena on Nov 7, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2017 by indrasena

Hi all, i am facing an issue in the scripting. we have an xml input for an employee having 2 national ids as below.






my requirement is like, if country=IND is present then it should to send the national_id- 1234-5678 to out put, if the employee country element does not have IND, then it should check for isPrimary=''true" then should send the corresponding national_id.


i have written the below java script 


if (card_type == "AAD")
national_id_output = national_id;
else if (isPrimary=="true")
national_id _output= national_id;


but  i am getting 2 output rows for the same employee with each national id. but i need only one output row with correct national id.