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RROR – not able to acquire LMS API, content may not play nicely and effects might not be recorded. Please touch technical aid

Question asked by soujanyanaganuri23013100 on Nov 5, 2017

we're within the manner of enforcing achievement factors LMS, and looking to play and think about SCORM well matched documents exported from Adobe Captivate 8 and 9 in success factors LMS.

i am getting the message - 'errors – not able to accumulate LMS API, content material may not play properly and outcomes may not be recorded. Please touch technical guide’

i have attempted SCORM versions 1.2 v3 and 2004 V2 and V4. we will view the content, but it does not song, display as entire and so forth.

We are also producing Scorm compliant files the usage of Skillcast and Articulate, however we nonetheless hit the same problem, we will view the content after remaining the API errors window, but still does now not song.

anybody skilled this trouble earlier than? Or understand of a restore?