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Atomsphere API Connection Timeout

Question asked by on Nov 8, 2017
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This is my first attempt at using the Atomsphere API.  I'm able to create a connection using the default WSDL url{ACCOUNT_ID}?wsdl and my own user login as the credentials.  "Test Connection" passes successfully.  


I am starting simple - query all the environments.  I am using the sample found here as a guide.  In fact, all I have done is rewired it to start with "Environment Query (All)," using the above URL+AccountID, and my own login (which is a Boomi Administrator).;processLibrary=3f97bb9e-d5fb-4c7c-9837-2fa71c0f8d7f


I get this error when the query tries to run:

Test execution of AtomSphere API: Deployment Report completed with errors. Embedded message: Error invoking soap operation; Caused by: HTTP transport error: Connection timed out: connect; Caused by: Connection timed out: connect


Some details, we host our own atoms internally, and detached "Test Atom Cloud."  


EDIT:  I am able to make the call in Postman to with an HTTP Post and basic authentication, but it's a different URL.  I'd much rather use the built-in Connector...