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Header-less Flat File Profile - Impact?

Question asked by vshah01248 on Nov 8, 2017
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We are processing flat files using Boomi. These files contains first line as header in it.

And for performing various validations, we convert our original profile to another (Intermediate) profile.

And for doing various calculations (lookups, validations), we have added few extra elements to hold these values in Intermediate Profile.

We also split this profile to have each record validated separately. Once, validation are done, we convert it back to original profile with addition of consolidated error message.



Here, we are planning to make this Intermediate Profile as headerless one.

I believe, this should reduce memory consumption during split operation, as instead of creating each document with 2 lines (1 line of header + 1 line of data), it will create just 1 line per document.


I understand that Boomi handles it well using column position in profile to carry out operations (for both - header and headerless profiles).


Can this change have any negative consequence?