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Data gets duplicated

Question asked by britta on Nov 17, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2017 by britta

Hi everyone,

I map from a NetSuite XML format to Database. 


My XML has the following structure for address:


I only want to map to my database the address where the defaultShipping flag is set to true. So I have a scripted map function that checks whether the flag is true, then the country etc gets mapped. In case the country or addr1 is empty, I have added default values in my target profile, because those fields are mandatory in my database.

However, what happens now is that Boomi creates two lines of data: one with the shipping address and one with the default values.

That's not what I want and I also get an error from the database, because of duplicate keys.


Who can help me, so that I only get one set of data with the Shipping address?


Thank you!