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Search and Replace in filenames

Question asked by britta on Nov 14, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2017 by 51662476

Hi all,

is there a trick to do search and replace in filenames?


My problem is, that I want a date stamp in my file names, but since we are in Singapore, I always have get a time stamp like "20171114150214Z" for "yyyyMMddHHmmss'Z'" with the "Z" to change to UTC and then I add the +8 hours relative date.

I now would like to remove the "Z", maybe in a second step, so the time stamp looks nice and clean an my clients don't ask why there is suddenly a "Z" in the filename.


Alternatively: Is there an option how I can change the timezone without the "Z"? I've thought of just using the relative date, but then we have a problem during daylight saving.


Thanks a lot.