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JobApplication update via OData

Question asked by e.pavlov353333 on Nov 14, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2017 by jm477572

Hi all!


I try to update JobApplication object in SuccessFactors via OData but I have faced with issue withupdate request.

Here it is a piece of process where I try to update JobApp

Before call conector I have map shape where I fill required fields. Source file for SuccessFactors connector shape:

According OData api in SF we need to fill only applicationId field:


But unfortunatelly al SF connector response looks like:

Here it is screenshots of OData api for jobApplicationQuestionResponse:


So I have some question:

1. How I can fill property jobApplicationQuestionResponse if not every JobApplication in request has this object? 

2. Why it is generally required if obect jobApplicationQuestionResponse is not bussinessKey or required in SF? 

3. Finally how I can update JobApplication via OData operation? Maybe I need to do SF settings for this objects?