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Configuration Interface

Question asked by on Nov 16, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2017 by 51662476

I need to be able to provide a configuration interface to a group of business users so they can easily set configuration parameters for Boomi.  My present idea is to have an Excel workbook sitting out on a network share, with all their config values in it, and to read the config book during process execution.  That way, the process is easily configured using a familiar interface.  In fact I have already done this, but there are concerns shared by myself and by the business.


The idea does not bode too well with me because, despite its simplicity and efficiency, it's pretty far removed from the process, and if I get creamed by the ice cream truck, the spreadsheet is just sitting out in the ether. 


Does Boomi make available any kind of interface that could work for tabular configuration data management?    Something like an Infopath or Access interface?