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Setting Document Properties before POST/PUT HTTP Client Connector

Question asked by jonathan.payne679690 on Nov 16, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2017 by jonathan.payne679690

Hi All.


I have more of a general curiosity than anything. When you pull data into Boomi from another application using REST to access the application's APIs, you can set parameters within the HTTP Client connector to fill replacement variables that are required within the API's URI resource path and request headers. However, when you send data to the application from Boomi using the same process, you need to set the parameters for the URI variables using a Set Properties shape just before the HTTP Client connector shape. Can anyone explain why this is? I'm not a strict Boomi developer, although I'm certified. I'm a technical trainer, and I teach a fairly high level workshop for how Boomi integrates with our cloud application, and this question has been popping up more lately. I don't want to answer with "That's just how Boomi works". There's got to be a reason for why this is necessary. Any thoughts? Thanks!