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Looking for example of a data process Groovy script w/ regex

Question asked by josh_hutchins778263 Employee on Nov 18, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2017 by 51662476

Hey everyone,


I'm trying to better my groovy skills for Boomi custom scripting use but for some reason keep running into a wall with manipulating the data stream to work with a regex string matches() find() using the import java.util.regex.* library. 


Would anyone out there happen to have a broken down script that explains how the inputstream is manipulated to use the string matches() or the string find() methods to parse through data and maybe also an example of how replace would work.


My end goal is to create a script that can demonstrate getting raw html data from platform, using regex to find and replace / remove all unnecessary data, then setting what remains as a Dynamic Process Property.


I've gone through almost all groovy tutorials but what I'm truly struggling with is incorporating these instructions with the platform itself. Any help would be greatly appreciated!