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Dynamically picking data from many Source system

Question asked by abdur.hameedshaikh202829 on Nov 20, 2017
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Dear All,


I have requirement to pick data from multiple Source system ( For example: SFTP servers ) and push data to same target system. I am thinking of creating process for every SFTP server with specific connector and operations, which will pick data from that respective SFTP server and submit to common process that will convert data to target specific format and deliver to target system. All individual process per SFTP server will submit the data to same sub-process. Also, if there is not much common logic then I feel better to deliver message to target from individual process create per SFTP server than sub-process as I do not see any benefit.


Any better design ?

Is it possible to have single process to pick the data from all SFTP server than individual processes ( Dynamically selecting connector and operation. Not to have many branches per SFTP server ) ?