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Deleting SFOData.EmpJob record not updating the other records in between with the previous values

Question asked by amrtsh on Nov 22, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2017 by amrtsh

I have a requirement to delete a job record from Employee Central and I'm doing this by sending the below request to SFOData.EmpJob -> EXECUTE -> Upsert/Post.








When the record is deleted, all the records between the start date and end date needs to be updated with the previous values.


For example: We have below records for an employee -

  • Standard Weekly Hours change from 40 to 20; start_date = 2017-11-01; end_date = 2017-12-31.
  • Leave of Absence; start date = 2017-12-25; end_date = 2017-12-27 - (with the standard weekly hours value 20) 


When the first job record is deleted, the LOA record should automatically get updated to standard weekly hours 40 from 20 as per the last active record. This doesn't happen.


Please let me know if anyone has faced a similar issue and have any resolution/comments on the same.