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extracting non empty profile element returns null

Question asked by thom683131 on Nov 23, 2017
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Hi, I’m a newbie and just starting with boomi and run into an issue.

I intend to use a profile element value to create a dynamic email parameter using the Set Properties shape.

Static content outputs fine.




The execution log says:

Extracting profile elements [NAME (Statement/Fields/NAME)] for profile a3745d8d-ee3e-4a39-bc10-4ec6cdb7d18f

Parameter 2 value = null

The structure is {ID, Name, Phone}


The Message shape source data before the Set Properties is

DBSTART|a3745d8d-ee3e-4a39-bc10-4ec6cdb7d18f|2|@|BEGIN|2|@|OUT_START|3|@|GenePoint3450|^|GenePoint|^|(650) 867-3450|#||#|OUT_END|3|@|END|2|@|DBEND|a3745d8d-ee3e-4a39-bc10-4ec6cdb7d18f|2|@|


So it seems the data field “name” and its value is available but is not retrieved by the shape.

Can someone tell why this fails?