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Failed authentication error for SF pre-packaged process deployed on atom

Question asked by vulcan on Nov 28, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2017 by vulcan

We have a few SuccessFactor pre-packaged integration processes  deployed on the production atom of our clients.


Recently, there was a password change and the same was updated in the `Environment extensions` of the atom for all the connectors (verified by multiple people).


The processes are scheduled to run on the atom early morning but post password change, it is returning with a `FAILED_AUTHENTICATION` error (please see the below screenshot)


We have made sure the password is correctly entered multiple times (correctly) and we have restarted the atom as well. In addition, we have also tested the connectors in Test environment on the production atom and it is able to connect. However, when deployed and scheduled, it fails.


Has anyone encountered something similar? Is there something else I need to be doing?


Any help would be much appreciated.


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