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SAP Connector - I can import on Get, but not on Send

Question asked by on Nov 22, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2017 by arjun_rajagopal02644053

I'm not an SAP guy... like... at all.  I'm lucky to be able to spell it, that's how little I know.


We have the SAP connector set up, apparently it's correct because I can query business objects from SAP and get the response.  When I attempt to send data, the wheels fall off.  I do not get the option to browse Business Objects, and I have no clue what to put in to Base Type or Exception.  I tried wildcards, like *, or *ACCOUNT*, etc.  Nothing.


What am I missing here?  






The SAP connector forces us to import request object schemas directly from SAP.

We are given no choice but to specify an IDoc type.  No option for BAPI or Business Object exists, and we do not know what to put in for Base Type or Extension.


When executing a Get operation, we are given two type choices:  Business Object, and BAPI/RFM.  I put *ACC* as a wildcard search into the filter field.


The import wizard halts at this point.  No matter what we enter, this error occurs

We are now able to select a business object to import, and continue the wizard.  In this example, I choose to get a list of GL Accounts by Company Code.

<Image Redacted>


The wizard completes successfully, and we now have pre-defined options for the request and response objects, and we are now able to retrieve data from SAP