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How to capture field level changes from Successfactors ??

Question asked by ashutosh.singh380376 on Nov 24, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2017 by arjun_rajagopal02644053

Hi Team,

I have a requirement with one of my client scenario is SF>Boomi>Third Party Cloud HR system.In which employee master data will flow from Boomi. I am using Compound API to extract data.

But now we have one more requirement in which few fields like Location,CostCenter,Department etc, we need to capture these fields as below format:

category:{name:”Location”,value:”NewYork”,effectiveDate:”01 Jan 2017”}

By effective start date we need to capture latest location and same we need to flow in to the target system.

Please suggest on it !! How can i capture these fields.

Thanks in advance !!!