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How to set parameter for NetSuite "not empty" or "at least one character"?

Question asked by britta on Nov 27, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2017 by murali.yekola335627

Hi everyone,


my start shape is connecting to NetSuite and I have set some parameters. The following is making me problems:

I only want the child elements of my master data, which means that I either check for

a) <parent> not empty; or

b) <parent> at least one character


Option a) doesn't work since NetSuite only gives me those tags that are not empty. For option b) I need your help, since somehow regular expressions don't work (or I'm doing it wrong). I have set my parameter to

<parent> Any Of '.+'

but then I get the error "ERROR Message: Invalid parent reference key .+.".


Can someone help me how I can set my parameters right?


Thanks a lot,