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Issue with some character in data if directly save the flat file.

Question asked by mounika on Nov 28, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2017 by aj474918

Hi All,

In my process the map output has been send to SFTP server with filename as "test.csv" use set propertiesshape . But if i directly save the document from process reporting/ from SFTP server, if any of the field value contains some characters it causing issue for example :

offers ‘max trial’ but it should be offers ‘max trial’

\n• visibility of key but it should be \n• visibility of key

“no touch”  but it should be  “no touch”

E-payroll” but it should be E-payroll” 

Tax \nTo but it should be Tax \nTo

Reform – W2 but it should be Reform – W2 

etc.,. I had to open the file then save it as a CSV in order to have correct values. PFB screenshot for the flat file  profile option.


Kindly help me how to resolve the issue.