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Is there any way to get all data off of a Point to Point Queue?

Question asked by trey.yeager826393 on Nov 29, 2017
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I have a process that will be adding documents to a point-to-point queue over the course of a month. Most of the time I will be adding a single document at a time, which if I understand correctly will create a single message that references a single document.

At the end of each month I want to run a process that pulls all of the documents on that point-to-point queue and does something with them.


So far my testing has shown that the Atom Queue Operation of Get will only pull a certain number of messages off of the queue. That number can be configured using the "Minimum number of Documents" field. This would work if I only ever wanted to grab a certain number, but instead I want to grab all of them. Is there some configuration option I am missing or is this not the intended use of the point-to-point queue?