Unit Testing Best Practice - A Discussion

Discussion created by mplatt168095 on Dec 6, 2017
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I'm new to Boomi, but have plenty of experience in software development, and integration.


I'm trying to get my head around what is best practice, and more precisely what would be a sensible approach to testing.


So - I'm starting with a unit test.  I started with some of the developer 1 examples - Prospect Tracking first.  


Part of the logic to test includes a check to see if there are any existing records for a prospect with that given name (using a SQL query).  Obviously, for a unit test, this won't work, as it's an integration test with the database, and requires data to exist, which is a brittle test as it may fail and the logic under test may actually be correct.


So, I'm wondering if there is anyone can think of a good design pattern to achieve this.  I put in an idea to allow connectors to have a test mode - meaning they could run with real connections, or be put into a test mode with a property, and then whatever data you supply will be used, and no writes will occur (similar to the test mode that exists, but in a test or possibly production environment)  This way, you could ensure that the latest version did not cause regression - and the test mode can operate on the processes that are deployed rather than having to copy back to the component explorer with the correct versions.  I digress....


Can anyone think of a pattern we could use to overcome this situation?  I mean, say the pattern calls for the process to load all data first, and pass it into a document in a master process, then the logic process is executed, then the process to persist / send the data is called.  If nobody can, then we really need to have the connectors run in a test mode - like a mock or stub for the real thing, and be able to do it in place.


I believe with this piece of the puzzle Boomi would be an incredible piece of technology, able to do what nothing else has.


Any thoughts or ideas?