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Salesforce Event Listener Triggers execution for each Atom in the Environment it is deployed to

Question asked by ErikIvarsson3431 on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on May 10, 2018 by MohammadRamezan5551

Hi all, 

I am testing you the new Salesforce Event Connector and have deployed this to Molecule which has two Atoms. When I fire the Event from Salesforce I see a "double" execution (one for each Atom) in the environment as seen below: 

In the above example you can see that I have fired the Event from Salesforce 3 times (discard the fact that this is a failure on the 1 and 2 executions, this is just testing): 

3 and 2 are fired when the process was deployed to a molecule

1 was fired when the process was only deployed to a single Atom


Can someone from Boomi comment if this is expected behavior or if there is some workaround here? 

This can potentially cause issues of course if the execution handles any modifications or whatever in another system and this happens twice under different circumstances.