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I am trying to connect to Successfactor from Dell Boomi but facing lot of issues.

Question asked by sandesh.pai409059 on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2017 by mayank.kanodia778203

I am trying to connect to Successfactor but facing lot of issues.
Steps which i took:
1)Created Connection:
a)Selected Others in endpoint and gave new endpoint for Successfactors.(SuccessfactorConnection.png)
b)gave same companyid , username and password which is given while logging into Successfactor.(SuccessfactorConnection.png)

2)Created SuccesFactor Connecter with this connection:
a)Using locally installed atom , after that i click next and its shows Connecting to Atom and gets stuck there for 10-15 min and then displays : An unknown error occurred: 0 -> (SuccessFactorConnecter1.png , SuccessFactorConnecter2.png,SuccessFactorConnecter3.png)
b)Using Test Atom Cloud(Default atom cloud) import process immediatelly fails with following exception: Unable to browse connector: access denied ("java.util.logging.LoggingPermission" "control") -> (SuccessFactorConnecter1.png , SuccessFactorConnecter4.png)

Also whitelisted Dell boomi IPs as well as local atom installed machine IP in SuccesFactors -> (SuccessfactorIPWhitelisting2.png)

Please review and tell what i am doing wrong here as i am not able to query data in SuccessFactor.