Custom Scripting - Doesn't this defeat the purpose of Boomi?

Discussion created by mplatt168095 on Dec 8, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by mmorthala189353

I'm still learning Boomi, and trying to evaluate it's capability when compared to SSIS or BizTalk type solutions.

I keen seeing questions being asked, and answers being given for you can use this Groovy script to do it.


I thought that Boomi was code-less, and therefore simplified.  There is no source control, but there are many solutions that could require it - so does that mean we need a source code control functionality?


I think that these needs to be a drive to move custom code into shapes to avoid this, and keep with that code-less idea that is the selling point of the technology.  Otherwise this just looks like an immature version of SSIS?


I'm okay if you shoot me down in flames, but that seems a shame as the technology has potential.


If the ability to create shapes was able to be open source, and have people contribute, maybe that would mean there are a quicker turnaround to solutions...


I don't have a question as such, but I think things are not going in the right direction, and I will have more SSIS work at this rate, as it already does much of the things we expect to be there.