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Odata Get Operation on successfactors is   returning Empty Document.

Question asked by sandesh.pai409059 on Dec 11, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2017 by Adam Arrowsmith

I am using OData api for performing GET operation to successfactors.I am using Odata 2.0 version .
I am able to connect to successfactors and all objects are being listed in connecter after importing objects.
But when i am selecting particular object and moving forward i am not able to get any results , but if i check through http rest client i am able to get results .

Here what i am noticing is there is one extra field in odata connecter "OData 4.0 Path Syntax" (ID) what should be the value of "ID" as it is considered as param while making a get call from dell boomi to successfactors.

Screen shots attached below:
1)Process : successFactorProcess.PNG
2)Connection : OdataClientConnection.PNG
3)Connecter listing objects from successFactors : ClientConnecter2.PNG
4)Process Object choosen from a list of all objects in successFactors : ClientConnecter3.PNG
5)Resultant Connecter after above operations: ClientConnecter4.PNG