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DATE Type Field mapping from XML to DB

Question asked by ultimo.user1275519 on Dec 8, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2018 by darren068106

I have CUSTOMER table which has BIRTH_DATE column declared as DATE type (YYYY-MM-DD format) with NOT NULL constraint in Oracle DB. I have Customer XML profile mapped to CUSTOMER DB profile using Map shape. The XML profile gets CustomerBirthDate as "1999-11-20". The Map shape throws error when it maps this data to BIRTH_DATE column in DB profile. Map shape is not accepting"YYYY-MM-DD" format. I got the following error message.


Test execution of ContactBatchLoad completed with errors. Embedded message: Unable to set date/time, value 2012-03-29 does not match format yyyyMMdd HHmmss.SSS; Caused by: Unparseable date: "2012-03-29"


 When we create DB profile, we don't have "Date" data type. We have "Date/Time". But in the back end, the column is defined with DATE type. 


Please suggest to fix this issue.