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How to provide xml profile in Map Shape  component after getting xml results  from Http Client connecter in first step

Question asked by sandesh.pai409059 on Dec 11, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2017 by sandesh.pai409059

I have a scenario with following steps:
1)Get data from successfactors in xml format using HTTP client Connecter .(Process1)
2)Map that data to do some transformation and upsert same in successFactors.(Using Map Shape component here )

Now here i am using Map Shape to map source xml generated by first step(Process1) to target xml.
Generally if i use some other Connecter in first step like ODataClient/Successfactor then there response profile is generated which can be used and simply imported in source/Target section of map.

How to achieve same functionality using http client connecter as it doesn't generate any response xml profiles which can be used during Map phase.
Is there a way i can get successFactors xsd/xml for same.If not how to proceed.

Mohit Gupta