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Check for duplicate records

Question asked by mdaniels5746 on Dec 12, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2018 by z.samsel

I have a current process that is working, however, I noticed that it adds duplicates when I run. I realized that I needed to check for the existence of the record before updating. 

Here is what I am doing.Look at SFDC, and insert records into mysql. 

This process works fine. except it does not check the mysql to see if the field erp_id (in mysql) matches the erp_id_c field in SFDC.


I figured I needed to do a lookup from a document cache so I added a branch where branch 1 uses a script to seperate into single documents then queries the mysql db and loads to cache with index of erp_id.

branch 2 then does a lookup from the doc.

here are the parameter properties

from there I do a decision to see if the sfdc field erp_id_c equals the erp_id from document cache lookup.


I am getting an error on the parameter setting when I test.


Not sure where I am going wrong. Perhaps there is an easier way? any help is appreciated.