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How to send a  post request with payload in http client connecter.

Question asked by sandesh.pai409059 on Dec 13, 2017
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I am trying to do a post/send call from http client connecter , basically i am trying to create a candidate in successfactors through http post request , but i am not able to figure out how i can pass payload for same , how can i achieve it. Please try to provide  some solution with screen shots if possible as i was not able to get through other available answers.


Attaching the screenshots below:


1)FullProcess.PNG is a process description.

2)FirstComponent.PNG is start shape (entry point for process)

3)SecondComponent1.PNG is connection details.

4)SecondComponent2.PNG is http client  connecter   .

5)JsonProfileForCandidate.PNG  is json profile being used in http connecter.



JsonProfileForCandidate is imported from below json::

Now my json data is like this :

"primaryEmail": "",
"firstName": "Education",
"lastName": "Master",
"country": "BR",
"cellPhone": "55 51 9999-9999",
"comments": [
{"content": "comment one"},
{"content": "comment two"}
"tags" : [
{ "label" : "Favorite"},
{ "label": "Excellent"},
{ "label" : "Good"}



I am not understanding how i will get values for them as in my http  connecter ,  i have request json profile which is only having fields , how to provide values for them.