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Custom Shapes?

Question asked by mplatt168095 on Dec 12, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2017 by mplatt168095

It seems that there is the ability to use custom scripts using Boomi, but in the case where I'd like to code up a shape using java, for common business logic, is there any way to do that?


I'm looking at the connector SDK, and whilst I can see that could probably "bodge it", there doesn't seem any clean way to achieve that end.  


Is there some other way to do this, so that we could develop new shapes?


Is there any plan to make custom shape development an option?


Also, since I'm into the idea of extending things, is there any way to extend boomi functionality - so that you could provide your own implementations of atom / molecule, etc features.  This is a very general question just to see what level of workarounds might be possible, and what the Boomi team might be willing to make available (I know it's open source, I'm just wondering if a setup could be implemented to be able to plug infrastructure elements into Boomi at some point?)  Does this require an idea?  I thought I'd ask first!