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Trying to upsert candidate data in SuccessFactors  , getting 200 response from upsert api , but when i check in successfactors data is not updated

Question asked by sandesh.pai409059 on Dec 13, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2017 by sandesh.pai409059

I am trying to upsert already exsiting candidate data with some modified values.


Using Http client connecter for Successfactors:


Url: https://<***api**> (POST)
Payload :



I am trying to update lastName field in Candidate Document with id:274L to "Nanny"

Resulting logs are giving 200 reponse but when i do a get call(
https://<**api**>  i see old value of lastName in this candidate.


SuccessFactor Post Connecter Logs attached below:


According to SuccessFactor api documentation we need to provide OData API Candidate Update Permission in Recruiting Permissions section  which i have given . Is there any other permission which i am missing ?


Attached full Process image   for same.

Also screenshot of access rights given in successfactors is attached.