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Alter XML tag to include xsi:nil..

Question asked by landan.cerff268249 on Dec 20, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2017 by landan.cerff268249

Hey all,


I am working on a project where I have to alter various processes and implement a null value set where values have recently become null in CRM.

We use a legacy system which we pass data from CRM to and previously; if a CRM value (i.e. Mobile Number) had been removed, the process would update our legacy system with '-' instead of making the field null.


After doing some investigation, I found that I can set fields in our legacy system as null when using the XML;

<typ:MOBILEPHONE xsi:nil="true" />


I'm now trying to write a mini process where, if a CRM value has been removed, use my process and set the field to null in our legacy app.

I want to edit the XML file in the process so that if the CRM data return contains newly nulled out values, set the XML type to state the above instead of the usual <typ:MOBILEPHONE>?</MOBILEPHONE>.


How would I achieve this? I've considered using the map function but I am unsure of how to implement a change to the XML as a posed to the raw data.



Apologies if this Is a newby question but I've not long used Boomi nor much XML so any descriptive responses are very welcome!


Thanks Boomi community!