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Configuring Molecule with NFS server

Question asked by aaron.arakawa on Dec 19, 2017

We are trying to configure a Molecule with 2 virtual machines running Boomi and an NFS server.


Our configuration is:

Cluster Network Transport Type UNICAST

Initial Hosts for Unicast *******.87[7800], *******.88[7800].


Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


> Failed acquiring exclusive process lock for ExecutionSubmission: ExecutionTaskConfig meltwater-XCT26A, proc: 0f4ba92b-0d61-41e4-b210-23b4cd363d73, id: execution-2007fe5e-7297-4b38-8c47-60b5d1d40192-2017.12.19(dir: processes/0f4ba92b-0d61-41e4-b210-23b4cd363d73, source: SCHEDULE), ExecutionDetails WD-NS-SA Master, *********_87, Account[meltwater-XCT26A]; Caused by: Input/output error 


> Dec 19, 2017 12:05:55 AM CET WARNING [org.jgroups.protocols.FD_SOCK setupPingSocket] ******_88: creating the client socket failed: connect timed out