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Multiple qualifiers to EDIFACT COM segment

Question asked by dorinc894367 on Dec 25, 2017



I am trying to map EDIFACT to XML.

I'm having trouble mapping more than one COM segment (one for email and one for phone) to the same party.

Let me explain:

In our EDIFACT, each party has phone + email - so we have one NAD segment and 2 COM following it: 


NAD+ST+++party name
CTA+OC+:contact name



I want to map both communication data to same party (in the XML response I have different fields for each party details: like, Shipto_name, ,shipto_phone , shipto_email ).


So, i created a NAD loop instance with qualifier ST and 2 instances for COM : with qualifiers EM and TE as follows:


and i was hoping to map this specific data to the 'Ship to' data we have in the XML profile.

I tries mapping as follows:

but for some reason it's not working.. 

Can anybody please assist? ?


Thanks in advance,