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How to get the Substring of 15 in Getdynamic process Property

Question asked by c-vvenkitasamy046244 on Jan 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2018 by Adam Arrowsmith

Input data is passed thru the JSON and set the Dynamic process property to receive the SFDC ORder ID. In SDFC ORder ID value lenght is 18. But while sending the exception message i need to send only first 15 char instead of 18 How i can get the 15 char through get dynamic process property. Is there any easy way to get 15 char length in get dynamic process property.


Please refer the attached screen. I have checked the GetDynmic process property option. I am not to get it.


I have tried thru the Groovy also. I did not get the answer. How to approach resolution for this and can any one provide detail technical steps to resolve this.