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XML mapping help - element with diff attribute names

Question asked by srinijilla on Dec 28, 2017
Latest reply on May 31, 2018 by rramachandran841326



Looking for help to map elements for the following profile with sample data. 

In the map, I only see one instance of Field. However I have multiple elements with different attribute names.

I want to default the values that I have shared in the sample.


Can anyone help me how can I achieve this. 


XML Profile:

XML sample part of the payload:


<ucm:Field name="dDocTitle"></ucm:Field>
<ucm:Field name="dSecurityGroup">FAFusionImportExport</ucm:Field>
<ucm:Field name="dDocType">Document</ucm:Field>
<ucm:File href="" name="primaryFile">



<ucm:Field name="dDocAccount">scm$/planningDataLoader$/import$</ucm:Field>