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Set WS XMLResponse from anotherCallProcess

Question asked by pietro.corasaniti on Jan 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2018 by jm477572

Hello everyone and happy new hear :-),


I have a WebService type Listener process created in the following way with the use of a Server Operation WebService

(see attached screenshoot)


I set the XML profile as a response to this WebService



How do I set the response XML content (getPrivacyBoomiResponse) as a result of calling another process that invokes another webService?

The scenario is as follows


WebServiceServer (A) --- callOtherProcess> (P) ---> callExtenarWebService (B)


I would like to call the WebService exposed by Boomi (A) through SOAP ui and be able to set the response as a result of the call to the WebService (B) performed through the process call (P)