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Without a schema DTD file, how do I create a comprehensive XML for Boomi to import?

Question asked by dcollins724067 on Jan 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2018 by dcollins724067

I'm working with Infor Lawson PO120 job that creates a XML containing purchase orders. The problem is that I do not have a schema DTD file (have active Lawson support ticket) as referenced by the output XML file.  Also, the elements are not comprehensive for each <PurchaseOrder> so importing the XML file via Boomi does not yield a complete layout. For example, using this extreme sample: (my normal xml file may contain 1 or many purchase orders. 100 or more elements each)




If I import the above data, Boomi will create two PurchaseOrder elements.  If I break up the <PurchaseOrder> into two separate files and then attempt to import them, then the last import will replace the earlier element list instead of aggregating both. (which I hoped it would do).


Perhaps, it may be easily solved via XMLspy (which I don't have), but, there is a trick that I missed so far?  Perhaps, a website that would aggregate/merge such XML content?  Otherwise, I'm thinking that if the Boomi XML import had options such as Replace, Merge,  etc  that it would solve it.


ideas for this puzzle?