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How to setup ClientServer Certificate authentication  in Shared Webservice on a local Boomi Atom

Question asked by hoover1980 on Jan 10, 2018
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We want to expose our webservices with Client Server Certificate authentication on a local Atom.

We have a root CA (CER,PFX), Server CA (CER,PFX )and a Client CA(CER, PFX) that are tested in IIS and work.  When I open the website, the browser prompts which client cert we want to use and we are logged in successfully. Just as we intended to.Note this is an selfsigned certificate and not created by an authority.


But we can not figure out how to use these certificates in Boomi to set up Client Server Certificate authentication.
The help is not very clear on which certificates we need to upload and how to configure the shared webservice.
Can someone create a How-To for us to help us?