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Data doesn't match profile after "Query"-Operation

Question asked by britta on Jan 8, 2018
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Hi everyone,


I'm having a weird case here, or maybe I'm just overlooking something:


I have a NetSuite Query operation with which I get my Purchase Order data. Right after the Connection shape I call a Map which uses the exact same profile as the Query operation. However, I get the error that the profile doesn't match the data. How can this be?


I've triple made sure that I use the same profile in the Operation and in the Map (gave it a ridiculous name and also checked in the component/folder column on the left, if the profile exists only once).

I've added a Cleanse Shape in between Operation and Map, but this shape only tells me the same: profile and data don't match, unfortunately it doesn't tell me what is wrong.


Any idea what else I can check or what I might be overlooking is greatly appreciated.


Thank you,