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How do you change only the URL endpoint string on a Web Service SOAP client connector?

Question asked by jgoldfed on Jan 9, 2018
Latest reply on May 18, 2018 by stephen.thompson775908

We have created a Web Services Soap client that connects to an internal web server. Although the host name of this address is consistent in our Development, Test, and Production environments (for example, http://myDevwebserver:8080/soap/), the WSDL URL changes for each of our processes (for example, MyFirstWebService.wsdl, MySecondWebService.wsdl, etc).


Is there any way to use the same SOAP connection but with different WSDL endpoints?  Maybe something similar to the HTTP Client Connector that would allow you to modify the Resource Path based on specific process properties?  Our concern is that we will use a license every time we reference a different WSDL even though the host name stays the same..