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Configuring Environments available for deployments

Question asked by on Jan 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2018 by Adam Arrowsmith

This is somewhat convoluted, so I hope I am able to clearly convey this.


Our boomi account is getting cluttered.  We have 7-8 business domains crammed into it.  We have some processes for Accounting, some for Ops, some for IT, etc.


Some of the business domains - for example, Accounting Reconciliation - are simple FTP processes.  They get the files from the network, and copy them to the FTP target.  For these, I only need two environments, SANDBOX and PROD.


One of our larger systems spans multiple applications, and thus, multiple environments.  For those applications, we have a DEV, TEST, STAGING, SANDBOX, and PROD.  


Yet another set of Boomi objects are for a three environment project - DEV, STAGING, and PROD.


I'm looking for a way to "partition" out my Boomi objects and environments by domain.  I was thinking having multiple accounts would be ideal.  All Accounting Reconciliation objects would be together, with nothing else, and only the needed environment.  


The problem (and thus, the question), if I split out our account into multiple accounts by domain - Accounting, HR, Finance, IT, ETC:


1.  Can one atom, such as atom "DEV ATOM" be attached to multiple environments across accounts?   So if three accounts have a Development environment, one atom can attach to each account's DEV environment?


2.  If I partitioned our processes out by account, would that screw up our licensing and billing?  


3.  What is the best practice when you have multiple business domains, each with a different set of environment needs, without blowing up the license with duplicated connections?