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Insert parent and child record coming in same JSON file via Dell Boomi to salesforce

Question asked by prsingh218 on Jan 11, 2018
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I have a requirement where my parent and child records are coming in same JSON file from external systems. 

I am facing issue while inserting child which is having reference to the parent record.

"ListOfAccountoutboundIo": {
"Account": [
"AccountNumber": "123456",
"Name":"Pushed from DellBoomi",
"BillingCountry": "Canada",
"ExternalId":"Canada Canada",
"ListOfContact": {
"Contact": [
"FirstName": "Andrew",
"LastName": "Hubs",
"AccountName": "Pushed from DellBoomi"

Kindly someone suggest how can i achieve this relationship and insert both at the same time.

Thanks in advance